The global trading, investment and healthcare environment is changing fast. Our strategic, international, and local networks can connect you to new opportunities in the UK and overseas.

Strategic Alliance

The global business, trading and investment scene is changing fast. Our strategic alliance can help your business or organisation to respond to this change.

Support Businesses

Our goal is to support businesses to blend the people, physical and environmental aspects of growing your business, in the UK or in emerging markets, in a holistic and integrated manner.

Award-winning Specialists

Our award-winning specialists have diverse backgrounds and experience and access to growing global networks, connections, including High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs), investors and various major projects.

Strategy Consultant

As a strategy consultant, mentor and social entrepreneur, I have been inspired by individuals and organisations from all walks of life to achieve success and wellbeing, for me personally, and others.

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    I have forty-five years’ experience of leadership, senior management, consultancy, mentoring and advisory roles across private, public and third sector organisations.

    I have designed and led high-profile economic development (enterprise and entrepreneurship, skills and jobs, housing, community cohesion), and race relations and equal opportunities, workforce wellbeing and international trade and investment programmes, projects and initiatives in London, UK and overseas.


    The growth and wellbeing of your business
    is the prime focus of my business!


    Doing the Right Thing, at the Right Time!

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