A resilient and happy workforce is productive and needs creative, dynamic, diverse, and forward-looking teams to be successful in today’s world.

This requires businesses to create positive emotion in the workplace, regular engagement with employees and purposeful relationships that engender an achievement culture.

There are occasions when our clients need specialist advice beyond the scope of our own expertise. That’s why we’ve developed close working relationships.


Our Offer

A high-level diagnostic of client’s health and wellbeing policies, practices, and procedures, including effectiveness in dealing with multi-ethnic and cultural communities, people with disabilities, customers, and colleagues.

Duration: 1 day

Mode of service: Online and face-to-face

Type of service offered:

  • Review and analysis of the organisation’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to assess employee wellbeing.
  • In-depth research into the health of the business and its employees, and further commissioning, of a holistic and integrated review.
  • Action Plan with recommendations for change.

Sectors: Professional services; manufacturing, media, entertainment, charitable and social enterprises.

Languages: English

How this offer can help you

A confidential action-oriented report is produced and recommending a feasibility study or an outline proposal to solving the agreed aspiration or problem.

Our process in Wellbeing

Review and analysis supported by a preliminary report.

Why Ash for Wellbeing

Extensive experience of strategic reviews across various sectors and businesses.

  • Research expertise.
  • Track record for making a difference to organisational-wide cultural change.
  • HRD, Equalities and Diversity Strategist, Trainer and Facilitator.
  • Designing Health and Wellbeing Policies and Practices.
  • Extensive network of strategic and business alliances.

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