Mentoring to make an impact.

There are occasions when our clients need specialist advice beyond the scope of our own expertise. That’s why we’ve developed close working relationships.


Our Offer

We offer a confidential approach to assessing strengths, achievements, and aspirations to help mentees to improve effectiveness in leadership, decision-making, creativity, dealing with stress, time management as part of their business or career development.

Duration: 3-12 months

Mode of service: Online and face-to-face

Type of service offered:

  • Competency Assessment
  • Goal and target setting
  • Action Plan

Sectors: Professional, services, entertainment, education, health and social care, manufacturing, creative industries, charities, and social enterprises.
Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi

1How this offer can help you

Our approach to mentoring is empathetic and mentee centered so that s/he is equipped to absorb new knowledge and empowered to drive their business goals further and/or advance in their chosen field or career, as appropriate.

Where appropriate, and if the mentee agrees that they would benefit from more specialised help from a qualified counsellor or therapist, we will refer them to one of our professional counsellors.

Our process in Mentoring

The mentoring process is in two stages:

  • Career/Personal Development Needs Analysis.
  • Competency Assessment.
  • Sharing experience and expertise.
  • Goal and target setting.
  • Signposting.
  • Action Plan.
  • Review Progress.
  • Establish network of expertise.
  • Sign-off.

Why Ash for Mentoring

  • Seasoned leader.
  • Track record of people development.
  • Extensive knowledge and skills base.
  • Professional background in HRD.
  • Offer solutions for questions.

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