Health Check

Health check to grow your business and create a healthy and productive workforce.


Our Offer

Based on the free, 1-2-hour health-check to establish the purpose and complexity of the client’s requirements, and on commissioning, we undertake a holistic and integrated review, including where appropriate, potential for doing business overseas.

Duration: 2-6 weeks

Mode of service: Online and face-to-face

Type of service offered:

  • Review and analysis of the organisation’s business model and environment, quality assurance arrangements, financial and employee health and wellbeing, leading to submission of a feasibility study or outline proposal to solving the agreed aspiration or problem.
  • Diagnostic report, including redefinition of the problem and/or aspiration and realignment of the organisation’s vision, mission, and values, as appropriate; and an Action Plan with recommendations for growth.

Sectors: Professional, services; manufacturing, entertainment, charitable and social enterprises
Languages: English

How this offer can help you

An in-depth desk research of the business, which is validated by dialogue with appropriate personnel, is undertaken to understand how the organisation functions – its people, financial health, policies, processes, products/services, challenges, and opportunities.

A confidential report is produced recommending a feasibility study or an outline proposal to solving the agreed aspiration or problem.


Our process in Health Checks

There are two stages:

  • Business Plan
  • Business model and environment
  • History
  • Structure and People
  • Vision, Mission, Strategic Objectives and Values
  • Financial Plan
  • Quality Assurance - management and operational arrangements
  • Well-being policies and practices
  • Premises
  • Marketing and sales
  • Redefinition of the problem and/or aspiration.
  • Realignment of the organisation’s vision, mission, and values, as appropriate.
  • Action Plan with recommendations for growth.

Why Ash for Health Check

health care

My Organisational, Strategic and Business Planning expertise has been harnessed over a fifty-year career in diverse roles at Chief Executive and Executive and Non-Executive Board levels across the British Civil Service and in the private, social enterprise and charitable sectors.

  • Track record for making a difference to organisational-wide cultural change.
  • HRD, Equalities and Diversity Strategist, Trainer and Facilitator.
  • Designing Health and Wellbeing Policies and Practices.
  • Experience in Bringing Business and Communities Together.
  • Delivered high-profile, complex, multi-faceted public/private sector initiatives, projects, and programmes.
  • Extensive network of strategic and business alliances.

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