Inner Engineering


Aspiring to achieve “growth and wellbeing” is a journey. For me, the journey continues to be shaped and inspired by some very extraordinary individuals and organisations from many walks of life.

What drives us, or sometimes inhibits us, from growing and reaching optimum personal and/or business growth and overall wellbeing, is influenced by external experiences. But, do we know how to awaken all our powers inside of us to meet challenges head-on and make positive and sustainable changes!

I have been inspired immensely during the past decade by Sadhguru – a visionary, mystic, and yogi. Sadhguru is the founder of the Isha Foundation. Isha is a universally acclaimed organisation dedicated to health and wellbeing.

Inner Engineering is Isha’s flagship programme – an exploration of the inner-self and a revolutionary way of thinking and self-transformation. We are supporting Isha in the organisation of this prestigious event to be held at London Excel on 20th and 21st April 2019.

The programme will be the biggest two-day personal development programme in the UK. It will deliver powerful tools from the ancient science of yoga to eradicate stress and enhance physical wellbeing, emotional balance, mental clarity and capabilities. Most of all, it will be a unique opportunity to tap into new levels of energy, vibrancy, joy, and aliveness.

The event will provide a unique platform for companies who recognise that a joyful workforce, with staff operating at the peak of their well-being, is the key to a successful business. The Life-Transforming Weekend will have 5,000 participants from the UK and Europe.

The journey of self-exploration is an on-going process.

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